Fertility and Artificial Light

Artificial light may be affecting your fertility. Artificial light
while sleeping appears to interfere with the production of melatonin,
which is a hormone associated with ovarian activity. Research shows
that women’s cycles often normalize when artificial light is eliminated
while sleeping. Eliminating the artificial light seems to allow the
hormonal system to reset itself, so to speak, and take a fresh start.
Couples who were thought to be infertile have been able to conceive by
eliminating artificial light while sleeping.

In addition, many women find that menstrual cycles are easier and more
harmonious if they follow the cycles of the moon: menstruation on the
new moon, ovulation on the full moon. Because we are surrounded by so
much artificial light, even while sleeping, it can be a challenge to
get in tune with the moon’s cycles. Women report being able to
gradually harmonize their cycles with the cycles of the moon by
sleeping in total darkness, except for one or two nights at the time of
the full moon. If you want to try sleeping in total darkness, make some
dark shades for your bedroom windows and make sure there is no light of
any kind from your clock radio, from under your door, etc. Sleeping in
total darkness may well give your hormonal system a chance to find its
own natural cycle again.

If you want to try harmonizing your cycle with the moon’s cycles, open
your shades for one night during the full moon, and sleep in the moon’s
light. If this is not possible, get a nightlight and use it only during
the night of the full moon. You may have to continue this practice for
some months, so be patient. You may enjoy seeing your cycles gradually
respond to Grandmother Moon’s light.

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