Pregnancy without Intercourse

Pregnancy regularly happens without intercourse to unsuspecting couples
who do not understand the function of the fertile type mucus.

Fertile mucus, produced by the cervix, is present in the woman’s body
for five to six days before ovulation, as the ova are ripening. This
mucus flows down the vagina to the vulva. The vaginal canal is normally
acidic Semen is alkaline. Sperm would normally die in the acidic
environment of the vagina. However the fertile mucus is alkaline, like
the semen, and so protects and nourishes the sperm on their journey to
the egg.

Even without ejaculation, sperm are present in the small amount of
fluid produced by a tiny gland called the Cowper’s gland. Cowper’s
fluid leaks out of the penis during sexual activity. Therefore sperm
are often present before ejaculation. The presence of sperm in the
Cowper’s fluid may be one reason for the ineffectiveness of withdrawal
as a method of birth control. Another reason may be the leaking of a
drop of seminal fluid before withdrawal occurs. The first drop of
seminal fluid may contain millions of sperm.

In addition, even without penetration of the man’s penis inside the
woman’s vagina, pregnancy is possible.  During the woman’s fertile
mucus time, the tiny, microscopic sperm can swim from outside the
vagina, into the vaginal opening, up the vagina, into the uterus, and
into the fallopian tubes. There the sperm may fertilize the ovum, and
pregnancy may begin.

For this reason, during the woman’s fertile time, pregnancy is possible
with only genital contact. This means, touching of the penis near the

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